Sunday School..........................10:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship..........11:00 AM

Sunday Evening Service....................6:00 PM

Wednesday Evening Service.............7:00 PM


Sunday School is a great opportunity to hear Pastor Sears teach through an array of Biblical principles and passages.  This class is made up of adults of all ages and backgrounds.

We provide a Sunday School class for youth,

ages 13-18.  This class is designed to teach youth

Biblical truths and train them to reach other

teens in their community.  (Philippians 4:9)

We offer lively Sunday School Classes for

children ages 4- 12.  Our teachers love their

kids and love to teach them about God!

Only those members that have agreed to our

worker standards, which include a background

check, are permitted to assist in these activities.

Nursery is provided during our services for

children 0-3 years of age.  Our nursery workers

are only those who have first agreed to our

child worker standards, which include a

background check. 

Your little ones will be well cared for by our

loving nursery helpers which will allow you to

focus on worship and the preaching of the Word.

Prayer and time in God's Word are the cornerstones

for a meaningful relationship with the Lord. Please

join us on Thursday evenings at 07:00PM for a study

group with Pastor Sears for learning how to interpret your Bible.

"Study to show thyself approved..." II Timothy 2:15

Most of us at one point in our lives or another, struggle

with things and behaviors that can jeopardize our well being and spiritual walk. If you need encouragement or would like to support others in their quest to overcome an addiction, please join us on Tuesday evenings at 07:00PM.

"...we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." Romans 8:37